Cupixel’s Story

“​​Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Pablo Picasso

How it started

Eons ago (sometime around 2013), while working as the COO for a cybersecurity startup, our founder Elad needed a relaxing outlet. Inspiration hit during a walk past a London art gallery — he peeked in the window and thought, “I could do that.” So he gathered some supplies and got to work.

His first ever attempt at making art produced what could generously be described as a “sculpture” of wine bottle corks. It was bad. Really bad.

But, he found that it felt really good to make something, even a corky monstrosity. He thought that with the right tools and technology, he could make something beautiful.

So he assembled a passionate team dedicated to learning about art techniques and bringing the creative experience to any person, no matter their artistic skill, without traditional art classes.

Their “aha moment” came when they discovered that Johannes Vermeer, a 17th century Dutch Master known for painting extremely realistic scenes, used a camera obscura — a lens that projects a live image of the real world onto any surface so that it can be accurately traced and copied. This was augmented reality centuries before it was discovered!

That is where we are today. Cupixel found a way to utilize cutting-edge technology, guided by a friendly artist, to enable anyone to create gallery-worthy works of art and experience all of the mental and emotional benefits that come with it.