Cupixel Painting Events at Muhammad Ali House

Contact us for upcoming events: 609-892-3495

The ticket includes a guided tour of Muhammad Ali’s house. Then, you’ll get to paint your masterpiece. Get a full Cupixel Sketch Art Box and enjoy a memorable painting event. Feel free to bring your own bottle.

For more details, call Burnell Brown • 609-892-3495


Our Customers Say

“It’s so relaxing and the result is just beautiful”

Art and Ali

A fun evening full of inspiration, both by the great Muhammad Ali and the Cupixel art experience.

An Amazing Experience

Who would have thought I’ll be painting. And on top of that, sitting in the same chair Ali ate dinner.


Great experience. Great artworks. Great house. Great food. Great company!

Painting My Hero

The Cupixel experience blew me away. I was able to paint a portrait of my hero.

The Ali House

1121 Winding Dr. Cherry Hill, NJ 08003, USA

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