10 fun Mother's Day art projects
Personalize your Mother's Day gift by making your mom art that she will love.
Think back to when you were a kid. What gifts from you did your mom always love?

Most likely, the ones that you made for her. They didn’t have to be fancy (if you were anything like me, it was sometimes just scribbles on a piece of paper with a few hearts thrown in for good measure!) but knowing that you put the time and effort into making something special for her always made mom happy.

Well, Mother’s Day is once again just around the corner, and what better way to show your love and appreciation than with a homemade gift? This year, instead of buying your mom something, try out one of these simple DIY craft projects that will show your mom how much you appreciate her. And, listen, if giving mom a homemade gift ensures you’re her favorite, that will just be a great secondary benefit!

Check out the ideas below to find something your mom will love, or visit the entire Mother’s Day category in the app for more DIY gifts!

Mother’s Day artwork collection

Create art for your mom that shows her how much you love and appreciate her. Pick from dozens of images and custom text in this collection of themed artwork that you can use to create a homemade Mother’s Day card for your mom, or just make her something she can to show her how much you care.

No matter what you make, your mom will love it.


Watercolor Hydrangea

Sure, you could buy your mom a bouquet for Mother’s Day, but those flowers will only last for so long. Why not give mom flowers that will last forever, instead?

Flower-loving moms will love receiving this hydrangea painting. Follow along with our artist in layering washes of watercolor paint to create a gorgeous hydrangea that will make the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day.


Decorate a picture frame border

Spruce up your picture frame with a beautiful floral border! In this crafty experience, you’ll learn how to transform the white cardstock borders from your picture frames into floral art that holds special memories.

Decorate the matte frame with mom’s favorite flowers (or anything else you think she would appreciate!) and insert a family picture for a present she will absolutely love.


Decorating Cookies: Mother’s Day Collection

Surprise mom with a homemade gift this Mother’s Day that tastes as good as it looks. Learn how to decorate cookies with floral designs and custom text using edible inks and paints, all to celebrate the mother figure in your life.

The best part? Sharing the cookies with mom after you give them to her!


Draw your (or your mom’s!) pet

If your mom has a pet that she adores (not more than you, of course) we guarantee that she will love getting a homemade drawing of her furbaby this Mother’s Day.

Just transform a pet photo into an outline you can trace, and then bring your drawing or painting to life with color.


Create Together: Mother’s Day Flowers

You can create art for your mom (which we know she will love), you can create art with your mom, or you can do both! When you make art together, you are not only creating art, you are creating memories that you both can share.

This Mother’s Day gift is two-in-one!


Sketch a portrait

For something your mom is sure to treasure, this Mother’s Day try sketching a portrait of either your mom or someone special to her.

Start by sketching your portrait outline, defining the features, and then shade by applying light pressure with your pencil to create depth.


Mother’s Day silhouette: Blooming life

Create symbolic artwork of flowers blooming behind a silhouette of a pregnant woman. Whether you’re creating a heartfelt gift for your mom or sending well wishes to a new or expecting parent, this quick and easy experience will result in a painting that is special for whoever receives it.


Tiger and cub

Transform a photo of a tiger cub snuggling up to its mother into a beautiful and meaningful painting. Whether you want to show a heartfelt token of appreciation to the mother figure in your life, or simply have a soft spot for these regal cats, this feel-good experience will result in stunning wildlife art you’ll want to share.


Envelope decorating

If you give your mom a card, storebought or made with cupixel, you can always make it extra special by decorating the envelope, too!

Just follow along with our artist as you choose from our collection of botanical decals, frames, and borders to transform a blank envelope into an additional work of art.