Buy Cupixel Sketch Refill Box

You can use the materials in your Cupixel box to paint up to 15 artworks

Buy A Refill box and paint your next creation for a lower price

We ship UPS Ground. Orders made by the 13th will be delivered by Christmas. Orders made on the 14th and after – delivery is not guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.

What is a Refill Box?

A Refill Box is your follow up box

You already have brushes, paint tubes, a device stand, and all the other art tools provided in the Cupixel Sketch Art Box. All you need is a canvas and a frame to create your next artwork.

What’s in the box?

Premium Canvas
(9 Mini Canvases for your artwork + 3 spare ones)
Premium Metal Frame

It’s good to know

Important! Refills require the use of art tools provided in the Cupixel Sketch Art Box. Buy one here.

Buy Cupixel Refill Box

Paint your next artwork for less

Only $19.99

Buy 2 Refills and get free shipping

Want to buy a Refill Box but don’t have a Cupixel Sketch Box yet?