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We take great pride in our support.

A quick and easy chat option is available anywhere in the Cupixel app and in the bottom-right corner of this website. You can also email us at

We are always here to answer questions and give advice.


We can’t wait to see professional artists painting with Cupixel. However, we see artists as our partners. Cupixel is not designed for pros.

The app display is big, especially on iPads, so it’s easily readable even for those with reading glasses. The pace of the process in the app is convenient for any age.

Regarding kid painters, we’ve found that Cupixel is most suitable for 12-year-olds and older. However, younger kids, especially those who like arts and crafts, also find Cupixel extremely fun and can paint beautiful artworks.

The experience for kids may vary. Our augmented reality technology is most suitable for adults and young adults. We plan to introduce products suitable for much younger kids in the future.

Not at all!

The Cupixel experience was designed to suit anyone – from the absolute beginner to the seasoned artist.

For beginners, the app acts as your personal Artist Assistant. It takes you by the hand and makes sure every step is clear and easy.


Augmented Reality is a technology that uses the camera to identify physical objects. We use this technology to identify our Mini Canvases and instruct users how to paint on the canvas surface. It is really cool.

Not at the moment. We plan to introduce more size options in the near future.

The Cupixel Refill Art Box is a follow-up box.

The full Cupixel Sketch Art Box contains many reusable art tools. Users who already own the full art box may purchase additional Refill boxes. Each Refill box contains 12 Mini Canvases and a frame so you can paint an additional artwork.

Cupixel Sketch Refill Box

The short answer is “many.”

Except for the frame and the Mini Canvases, all the art tools in the Cupixel Art Box are reusable and can be used for multiple artworks.

The Cupixel Refill Box, containing new Mini Canvases and a frame, can be purchased separately from the app or on our website.

As long as you have paint in the tubes – you can continue to create more artworks.

The spare Mini Canvases are for if you make a mistake that you can’t fix.
Just use a spare Mini Canvas and start over.

The Mini Canvas is one of the art tools we developed to make the painting experience precise and enjoyable. The top layer is 100% premium cotton canvas. Canvas is the surface that professional artists use for painting.

The Mini Canvas allows you to focus on a single manageable task. You trace each Mini Canvas and then snap it into the other Mini Canvases. Once you finish outlining your nine Mini Canvases, your artwork is ready for the cool part – personalizing your painting by adding color and contrast.



All of the images in our gallery can be used legally so you can paint any one of them for no additional cost.

We’re proud to present a fully licensed gallery of exciting contemporary artists from all over the world and works by some of history’s most acclaimed artists like Matisse, Mondrian, and others.

Of course but you must own the copyright.

You already own the copyrights to photos you took yourself (unless you photographed someone else’s artwork). If you are using photos made by others, you must obtain the needed copyright or use images that are not copyright-protected.

Cupixel is committed to protecting the copyrights of artists.


We get this a lot ?

Cupixel is pronounced like the letter “Q” and then the word “pixel”.



Yes. We are very proud of our support. We provide chat support from every page of the app and on our website. We are always here to answer questions and give advice.

The Cupixel App is available on the Apple AppStore and the Google Play Store, for supported devices.

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We are doing our best to ship our products globally but, for now, we deliver within the US only.



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