Virtual Painting Events

Cupixel Painting events are fun, customizable, and unique.

Each participant paints a personalized artwork.

Great for birthday parties, team-building events, and more!



Celebrate and collaborate creatively! Cupixel is a fun, rewarding, relaxing experience that anyone can enjoy.
No artistic talent needed.

PERFECTLY Personalized 

Choose a personal photo or a piece of Cupixel artwork from the gallery.

Upload a selfie, a photo of your pet, or a beautiful memory from a vacation or special occasion.

Want to channel your favorite famous artist?
Pick an image from the Cupixel Art Gallery. Choose from artworks made by contemporary and famous artists, inspirational words and phrases, animals, celebrities, and more.


Each participant receives a premium Cupixel Art Box with all the art tools and materials needed to paint like a pro and complete one personal masterpiece.

Enlist our Cupixel host to help guide everyone through the process. 


After 1-2 hours of painting, the end result is a 7 x 7 inch framed painting that participants can hang on a shared wall or take home.

Hang the artworks on your office wall in any configuration to form a mural of masterpieces.

The Art of Team Building

Bring the team together and create a beautiful inspiration wall at the office. Each team member paints a meaningful word to create a colorful collage of inspiring and motivational words.

Cupixel Painting Events

A personalized, unique, shared and relaxing experience

Our Customers Say

“Cupixel is an amazing app and technology that everyone needs to know about”

We had a wonderful time

It brings the magic of creativity to anybody who wants to express themselves. Thank you so much from Boston Animal clinic!

We are big fans!

Congratulations on your creativity and for bringing something new to the world.

Cupixel was a great event

We just created art without being artistic!
This is such a great experience.

This was excellent

This creative experience with my colleagues was incredibly unique. We each got a beautiful painting to prove we can paint!

A virtual event
They will never forget!

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