Cupixel Sketch

The New At-Home Painting Experience

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Cupixel is a proven outlet to decompress and reduce anxiety

We offer a second painting for free during these troubled times


Order a Cupixel Sketch box.
It has EVERYTHING you need!


Browse through your photos and pick the one you’d like to paint.


Use Cupixel’s magic technology
to draw the outline on the canvas.


Add colors with simple guides.
Anyone can do it!

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Enjoy a colorful time with Cupixel


Get the box. Download the App.
Paint something beautiful.

ANYONE can paint with Cupixel Sketch

The painting experience is fun, easy and relaxing
The final result will make you proud

What’s in the app?

All the interactive tools and step by step guides to ensure your painting will turn out beautiful.

Just pick what to paint and
follow the app.

What’s in the box?

Everything you need to complete your artwork, from colors and brushes to canvas and frame.

You don’t need to buy anything else.
We’ve got you covered!

Upload any photo from your phone and paint it with Cupixel

It’s your imagination,
We’re just providing the tools

Join others and enjoy the Cupixel Sketch experience

Did you know?

There’s a refill box!

The art tools in your Cupixel Sketch box can last for up to 15 artworks!

So when you’re done painting your first artwork, order a Refill Box and paint your next.

Perfect for ages 9-99
No art talent needed

Paint Something
That Really Inspires You!

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