Cupixel Painting Events at
Kuture Cuts + Culture


Co-Hosted by Reggie Waterman & Fitz Williams

Your ticket includes drinks and appetizers. Then, you’ll get to paint your masterpiece. Get a full Cupixel Sketch Art Box and enjoy a memorable painting event.

For more details, call Reggie Waterman:


Our Customers Say

“It’s so relaxing and the result is just beautiful”

We had a wonderful time

It brings the magic of creativity to anybody who wants to express themselves. Thank you so much from Boston Animal clinic!

We are big fans!

Congratulations on your creativity and for bringing something new to the world.

Cupixel was a great event

We just created art without being artistic!
This is such a great experience.

This was excellent

This creative experience with my colleagues was incredibly unique. We each got a beautiful painting to prove we can paint!

Kuture Cuts + Culture

411 Manhattan Dr, Markham, Unionville, ON, Canada

Join an event you will never forget!

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