Cupixel Sketch Media Kit

Cupixel Media Kit

The New At-Home Painting Experience

What is Cupixel Sketch?

Cupixel’s AR Technology

Product – Cupixel Sketch


Cupixel harnesses the power of Augmented Reality (AR) to enable ANYONE to create stunning, precise, and personalized works of art. Both beginners and seasoned artists alike can create wall-worthy artwork.

Elad Katav, Cupixel CEO and founder, says, “As they age, 97% of adults lose their intrinsic drive to create art. Some are hesitant even to try. We found a solution that enables anyone, regardless of previous art experience or talent, to experience art creation. Our users get an opportunity to channel their inner-artist and experience the joy in creating and accomplishing stunning art.”

The Experience

The experience begins with the Cupixel Art Box. The Box contains EVERYTHING needed to create masterful works of art.

Users simply download the free Cupixel App, which will serve as their personal Artist Assistant. Every task demonstrated is clear, and guidance is provided every step of the way.

The creative journey continues with the selection of an image. Users can choose photos from their mobile photo albums, or select an image from the fully-licensed Cupixel Gallery of classical and contemporary artists. The options are limitless.

Next, users get to use Cupixel’s specially developed art tools and AR-directed technology. AR integrates with the user’s mobile device to provide a hands-on experience that is both creative and rewarding. This experience empowers users to paint with incredible accuracy – regardless of talent and art knowledge.

Once complete, users can assemble their artwork within the Cupixel frame, allowing them to display their creation with pride.

What’s In The Box

Katav says, “We wanted to make sure the Art Box has absolutely everything people need in order to paint. Users do not need to pre-own anything. We develop and source the optimal tools for a perfect experience.”

Cupixel developed and patented art tools that are unique for this experience. Mainly the Mini Canvas. Artists spend years training and learning how to maintain proportions, how to hold their hand in front of the canvas and still paint accurately, and how to make tiny brush strokes. Cupixel, instead, broke the huge painting canvas into small Mini Canvases. This allows painting on a flat table – just like writing, so your hand doesn’t get tired. The Mini Canvas also allows focusing on a small and doable task at a time. And the best thing is, if you make a terrible mistake, you can just use a spare Mini Canvas and redo it.
To support the AR feature, Cupixel developed a set of high-quality metal Device Stand and a Pad with a mount for the Mini Canvas. Users place their device on the stand, place a Mini Canvas on the mount, and can then relax and draw accurately using AR.

Another amazing tool included in the box is a premium black metal frame. Once users finish their artwork, they easily frame it, hang it on their wall, or place it on their desk.

Elad says, “We’ve done an incredible research to understand how paints work. It’s a fascinating world. Artists spend years mastering color blending – we use technology. We provide premium quality paints in the box and teach users how to blend accurately and in a fun way. No more blending muddy-brown colors. The colors you paint look exactly like what you see on your digital device.”

And there are many other art tools in the box, high quality brushes and a brush holder. A marker, outline pencils, and even a sharpener and an eraser. Last but not least, the Art Box even contains a microfiber cleaning cloth. Katav says, “The experience is very clean but we want our users to feel safe and confident. The cleaning cloth is always handy in case something happens. We do our best to make them relax and enjoy their creative experience.”

The Creative Market

According to a survey by the Association For Creative Industries, the total size of the US creative industry in 2016 was $43 billion. The study found that 63% of US households participated in at least one creative activity within the past year.

Katav says, “Millions of coloring books appealing to adults are being sold annually. Until recently, color pencil manufacturers were not even able to meet the demand. Adult Painting Parties are on the uprise with thousands participating at different venues every week. People have a craving to create. We enable them to do so without spending thousands of dollars on equipment and art classes, in their own home, and at their own pace.”

Value for Money

Katav says, “We worked diligently to provide premium art tools at an affordable price. It would cost far more to purchase similar caliber products from an art store. We provide all the tools you need conveniently and effortlessly.”

The Cupixel Art Box contains enough art supplies to create multiple works of art. When in need of refills, users use the app to place an order for the Cupixel Refill Box. The Refill Box provides additional proprietary painting canvases, as well as an additional Cupixel frame to showcase the artwork.

Future Products

Katav says, “This is just the beginning. We have many more products and technological enhancements in the pipeline: more art styles, expanded size options, and many unique creative techniques.”


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Cupixel Sketch

Cupixel Sketch + Refill Bundle

Company – Cupixel

Founding Team

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Elad Katav

Elad Katav

Founder & CEO

Ido Ophir

Ido Ophir

Co-Founder & CTO

Yuval Weizman

Yuval Weizman

Head of R&D

Sagi Koren

Sagi Koren

Head of Design

About Us

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Pablo Picasso recognized that every person possesses an innate desire to be creative, but producing artwork good enough to hang on your wall? Most would say, it’s just not possible!

Cupixel Founder, Elad Katav, felt that creative urge after falling in love with a work of art he found online. “I tried to create my own artwork in a similar style, but no matter how hard I tried, I failed miserably!” Annoyed at his inability to create art he felt worthy of display, Katav began a quest to find a product capable of guiding him through the art-making process. Katav’s search validated the lack of new and innovative support in this field, and it was from this personal challenge that the concept for Cupixel was born – a revolutionary approach that makes art creation manageable, precise, and personal.

This is what Cupixel is all about – providing anyone the opportunity to paint a physical piece of art that is accurate, creative, and customizable. To share, encourage, and empower the artistic spirit within, and to continue to build upon a brand of creativity.

The Benefits of Cupixel

Our users have described the Cupixel experience as, “Meditative and relaxing”; “A fun and enjoyable evening away from the TV”; “A great way to clear the mind,” but the most gratifying of all seems to be a newfound sense of fulfillment users gain from artistic expression.

Our users demonstrate pride in their artwork, and an eagerness to share their accomplishments with family, friends and social media channels. They express amazement in the incredible accuracy of Cupixel technology, and its ability to guide them in the creation of precise, fully proportional art.

The Cupixel experience is most suitable for ages 12 years and older. The app display is big, especially when using the iPad which provides a level of comfort for the elderly. The augmented reality technology was designed for adults and young adults. Technology catering specifically to children 12 and under will be introduced in the future.

Contact Details

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