Cupixel art sets

They’re not a must.
But they’re a must-have.

The great thing about art is you can create it with just pencil and paper

But having the right tools really makes all the difference. Our premium art sets have everything you need to take your art to the next level.

Greeting card set


Each set comes with everything you need to make and decorate six personalized greeting cards. Your friends and family will love the unique cards that you create for them!


Acrylic canvas set


The acrylic canvas set includes all the supplies necessary to make and decorate five custom acrylic paintings. Create art to display at home, or make a painting you can gift to a loved one!


Greeting card refill set


Still have your markers but need more greeting cards? The refill set has what you need to make five more greeting cards for your friends and family.


Need another Device stand?

Snag extra device stands for family members on your cupixel membership so that everyone can create together! Designed specifically to work with the app, the cupixel device stand makes creating art even easier.

Need more art supplies?

Through our partnership with JOANN, one of the leading arts and crafts suppliers in the US, members receive a 25% discount on all Artsmith art materials.

* Find the membership discount code in the cupixel app.


Watch a personalized greeting card come together in minutes using cupixel and the greeting card set!