Cupixel starter sets and accessories

Acrylic Canvas Set

The acrylic canvas set includes all the supplies necessary to make and decorate five custom acrylic paintings. Create art to display at home, or make a painting you can gift to a loved one!

Greeting Card Set

Each greeting card set comes with everything you need to make and decorate six personalized greeting cards. Your friends and family will love the unique cards that you create for them!

Greeting Card Refill Set

Still have your markers but need more greeting cards? The refill set has what you need to make five more greeting cards for your friends and family.

Cupixel Device Stand

The ideal tool to hold your phone in place while using the cupixel app. It’s adjustable, sturdy, and ensures a comfortable working angle, enabling you to easily create beautiful art.

Pair your art set with the cupixel app

Each art set has 100s of different classes, designed specifically to be done with the supplies in your kit, in the cupixel app. Better yet, each art set comes with a 30-day free trial* to the cupixel app!

*Valid for first-time users, only

Make Family Time More Fun

Once you join cupixel using your free 30-day trial, you can invite up to 3 family members to join you for free! Snag extra device stands for your family so that everyone can create together — like your own personal paint night with the people you love!

Watch a personalized greeting card come together in minutes using cupixel and the greeting card set!