Frequently Asked Questions

Cupixel art sets and membership

Can I use the cupixel art sets without the app?

Absolutely. Our art sets are a collection of premium art tools that you can enjoy without the app. That said, when you buy an art set, you can redeem the promo code inside for a free one-month trial membership, so we encourage you to give it a try and explore the experiences!

Can I use the cupixel app without the art sets?

Absolutely. You can use your own art supplies with the cupixel app. The benefit of the art sets is that they contain everything you need, so you don’t have to go out and find everything separately — we have done the legwork for you.

Are there any limitations to the cupixel membership?

Nope! With a cupixel membership, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to everything the app has to offer, including all the experiences, the ability to interact with our artists and other users using the Spaces community feature, and time-lapse videos of all your creations! You can learn more about what a membership includes on the membership page.

Do I need a membership to paint my own photos?

You do. While we have several experiences available to anyone, some features, like uploading your own photo to the app and using the text editor, are available only to members. You can learn more about what a membership includes on the membership page. (Spoiler: It includes a lot!)

How do I share my membership with family members?

It is easy to invite your family members to join your cupixel membership! Simply:

  • Open the cupixel app
  • Go to the menu (the cupixel “E” at the bottom of the app screen) and select “Share your membership”
  • Add the email addresses for up to three family members to invite them to join!

After you invite them, we will shoot them an email and get them set up in the app. Get ready, because family bonding time just got a whole lot better.

What sizes will my finished piece of art be?

It varies! If you purchase our art sets, they come with special paper and canvases that are suited perfectly to the experiences. But, you are welcome to modify the experiences if you want and draw or paint on larger surfaces by raising the neck of the device stand! One caveat — most phones can currently only recognize surfaces up to 9”x9” or 8”x10”, but as phone cameras improve, our app will continue to adapt with them.

Can I only make square art with cupixel?

No, but we love the look of square artwork! When using the app, you can select if you want to create art that is square or rectangular — just toggle back and forth so that the app knows what shape to look for when setting up the smart trace!

Do I need a stand to use the app?
You don’t, but it is recommended. The great news is, if you sign up for a membership without having bought an art set, we will ship you a stand for free!* If you have already bought a cupixel art set, you already have a stand since they are included in each set!

*For new members who have not activated a new set promo code.

Can I use my tablet with the cupixel stand?

You can, but we recommend only using smaller tablets. The weight distribution for some larger models could cause the stand to be less stable or tip.

I have a cupixel sketch box from a few years ago — can I still use it?

Yes! We have a series of updated experiences specifically for users who have our previous cupixel sketch products! Just sign into the app, go to the menu, and choose Cupixel Sketch.


What is Smart Tracing technology?

Smart tracing is the name of the augmented reality-based technology we developed that enables people to trace the outline of their artwork onto any surface.

So what does the augmented reality do?

In the simplest terms, the smart trace augmented reality enables your phone to project an outline of the art you chose onto your paper or canvas. The AR recognizes the edges of your drawing surface, superimposes your image to the exact specs of the paper, and allows you to look through your phone and trace. It even makes it possible for you to zoom in using your phone so you can trace the fine details. It is pretty cool — if you haven’t seen it in action yet, we recommend that you check it out.

Do I actually need to understand any of this to use the app?

Not at all! All you need to know is that we use awesome AR-based technology that will help you create amazing art. Everything else is beside the point.


Do I need an artistic background to use the cupixel app?

Everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned artists can enjoy creating art using cupixel. For beginners, our artists walk you through each experience, step-by-step, and for seasoned artists, cupixel can be a way to just relax with your art, or you can try your hand at something new with our many different types of experiences! Even professional artists can use our technology to take their art to the next level.

How old does my child need to be to use cupixel?

Cupixel is suitable for everyone between the ages of 4-104 (or older — we don’t want to limit you!). We have experiences that will appeal to everyone, and the pacing is designed so that anyone can follow along.

80% of our experiences use our smart tracing technology and require the basic hand-eye coordination that most people develop by the age of 9, so kids 9 and older should have no trouble using the app on their own. That said, we have seen kids as young as 7 create amazing artwork using smart trace, and our artists have designed experiences specifically geared towards budding young artists.

For kids between 4-8, there are tons of experiences that were designed as family activities — they are a great way to spend time together, and everyone will be proud of the final result!


Can I paint my own photo?

You can — it is actually one of our most popular features. In fact, many of our experiences, such as “Portraits” and “Paint your Pet,” are designed for you to use your personal photos — they are a great way to create art around special memories. To find experiences geared toward personal photos, either go to the “Personal Photo” category or look for the camera icon on the experience.

We only ask that you ensure that it is your own photo or that you own the copyright to it. We are dedicated to protecting the copyright of artists, so if you have any questions about if an image is ok to use, please reach out!

Do I need to pay extra for a licensed artwork that is in the app?

Nope — everything you find in the app is included in your membership. All of our licensed images are free for you to paint at no additional cost.
We’re proud to present licensed artwork by exciting contemporary artists from all over the world and works by some of history’s most acclaimed artists like Matisse, Mondrian, and others.

Cupixel packages and events

I am a business manager and I think my employees would enjoy something art-related. Do you have any packages?

So happy you asked! It just so happens that we have several creative packages that are perfect for workplaces. You can learn more about them on our Events page, or you can reach out to our sales team to discuss options!

How do I book an event?

Cupixel offers several different kinds of events, from small painting parties to large corporate events. Reach out to our sales team for information.


When will you ship outside the USA?
Please visit our partner’s website to learn more about global shipping for art supplies. For the free device stand*, we currently ship it to members within the US, but we are exploring ways to ship the device stand globally in the future.

*For new members who have not activated a new set promo code.

Do you support Android and iOS?

Cupixel is available for both iOS and Android! For iOS, cupixel is compatible with versions iOS 14.5 and later, and for Android, the app is supported in Android 7 Nougat and later.

Where can I find my time-lapse videos?

Time lapse videos are captured when you stay on the “Trace” tab within the app for at least 30 seconds and the recording is completed by going back to the “Studio” tab. Once that happens, you will be able to find your time lapses in the “My Studio” section of the app, which you can get to by clicking the person icon at the bottom of your screen!

Do you provide support?

Yes! We are very proud of our in-app chat support. You can access chat support from anywhere within the experiences — just click on the question mark in the chat bubble at the top right of your screen! We are always here to answer your questions and give advice.

How do you pronounce Cupixel?

We actually get this one a lot. 🙂

Cupixel is pronounced like the letter “Q” and then the word “pixel” — but you don’t have to say it correctly to use the app. No one is checking!