Paint Like an Artist
No experience needed!

What is Cupixel Sketch?

All the materials you need in a single box and an app to guide you

No artistic talent needed

Step 1

Order a Cupixel Art Box.
It has EVERYTHING you need

Step 2

Choose a personal photo
or an image from the gallery

Step 3

Use the interactive guide to
sketch on a real canvas

Step 4

Pick a coloring style to paint.
It’s time to be proud!

"It’s totally my own and I love showing it off! Thanks!"

"I loved it! It comes right to the door and has everything you need."

"It looks great on the wall, and I love the looks on my friends' faces when they see it."

"The AR feature on the app is super cool. It shows you what to draw on your iPad screen."

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"With a $70 Kit, This Startup Promises to Turn Anyone Into an Artist.
Cupixel's kit includes everything you need- canvas, pencils, paint, brushes, a frame- to produce a handpainted seven-by-seven-inch-piece of artwork, aside from a smartphone or tablet."

Such a fun experience!

This was my second time doing cupixel. It was a blast. The best part is that after you’re done, you have an amazing piece of art to show off.

We had a wonderful time!

Cupixel is an amazing app and technology that everyone needs to know about.

Awesome family experience

What a bonding fun filled evening and only took 2.5 hours. My family wants to do more. Love, love, love it!!!

This was excellent

It looks great on the wall, and I love the looks on my friends’ faces when they see it. They can’t believe I actually did it myself.

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