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Is Cupixel Worth the Hype?

Cupixel Users Share Their Experiences

“Cupixel rocks!! You all have been of extreme help at keeping my mood on the sunny side!!!”


“This is a must-app for beginners to professionals. You learn so much and have fun doing it.”


“As someone who has been struggling with some aspects of art this app is like having a teacher in your pocket.”


“I never drew in my life. With Cupixel, now I do.”


“My daughters absolutely love Cupixel and spend hours enjoying creating their own pieces of art and getting inspiration. Easy and fun to use.”


“It’s incredibly user-friendly, and the feature that allows you to record while drawing is a game-changer. You can review your progress and see your process from a video perspective.”


“Cupixel Art app is a mix of a magic art box and a video game!”


“This is the coolest platform to learn about art and to try your hand at other styles. I decorated cookies for my sisters baby shower! So fun for the whole family.”


“By far the best part is being able to convert photos from your phone into traceable outlines. I’ve done picture of my parents, my dog, my partner and I. Really awesome!”


“This app is so much fun!”


“This app has taken the fear out of art for me.”


“I’m really impressed! I’m sure I’ll be a long time customer.”


“The app opened up a whole new world for me now that I have time to spend on my artwork again.”


“I’m really having fun with it. I had no idea that this wonderful app existed. It’s really making my tries on art so much better and relatively easiere”


“I was using YouTube and library books for all of my instruction. But now with smart tracing and artist led experiences my art is definitely taking off!”


“For many years I have wanted to paint.I have a severe phobia of drawing and painting and my fear of a blank page/canvas has been paralyzing. So with much skepticism I tried your app. It has changed art for me.”