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We’re an app that helps you draw, paint, and more

Cupixel pairs state-of-the-art technology with live and on-demand content enabling anyone to experience the joy and satisfaction of creating gallery-worthy art, regardless of their artistic skill.

our technology

Cupixel uses technology to remove all barriers for creating art, making it an experience that is accessible for everyone.

Smart trace

Our AR-powered “Smart Trace” casts the artwork outline onto any surface for you to trace.

Paint your photos

Our AI-powered photo converter converts your pictures into outlines you can turn into art.

Text editor

The text editor lets you design artwork with words of encouragement or fun notes.


Watch the time-lapse playback of your tracing to see your art come to life again.

We are not going to lie. We are really proud of our content.

We have tons of different styles and subjects of art to choose from — whimsical landscapes, Japanese tattoos, hyper-realistic portraits, cartoons — and we are adding new ones everyday. Experiences also range in time commitment, complexity, and medium, so we know we have something for everyone.

Our artists

Our artists lead each experience, walking you through the process of creating step-by-step, and our constantly updated experiences include endless styles, subjects, and themes to choose from.

Cupixel art sets

The great thing about art is you can create it with just pencil and paper, but wow, does having the right tools make all the difference! Our premium art sets give you everything you need to take your art to the next level.