It’s more than a class.

It’s an Experience.

Creating art is about more than your final product

Don’t get us wrong — it is definitely about the results, too!
But at cupixel, we want to make sure that you get to experience the joy, relaxation, and sense of accomplishment that comes with creating art.

New experiences are added all the time, and include endless styles, subjects and themes to choose from.

Find the perfect experience for you

Whether you want to draw a serene landscape, an action-packed comic book, or a portrait of your pet, everyone can find something that suits their mood and style. Choose from our gallery of images, or convert your own photo.

Connect with our artists

Our artists lead you through each experience, step-by-step, from how to pick an image, explaining how to use the AR smart trace technology, how to convert your own image, what is important to trace, how to make your art unique, and everything in between.

Live interaction

Communicate directly with artists during live experiences.

Artist feedback

Share your artwork on Spaces for our artists to provide feedback.

In-app chat

Use the in-app chat function to ask questions about anything.