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  • Crayola Mandala Mood Pencil Set

Crayola Mandala Mood Pencil Set

Includes access to 1000’s of art classes in the cupixel app

  • Dive into the magical world of emotions as you discover how colors can bring your feelings to life
  • Grab your mixed media notepad and colored pencils and create your own mandalas for fun and relaxation
  • Art isn’t only about what you see, its also about what you feel. Our artist-led experiences in the Cupixel app will help you discover how to translate feelings into colors
  • Smart Trace AR technology makes it easy and foolproof to trace simple or complex shapes
  • Learn the coolest tips and tricks from the pros: ways to blend colors, add depth to your images, and everything in between

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Included in the set:

  • One 8″ x 8” mixed media notepad
  • One premium device stand
  • (12) colored Crayola pencils

How to use the cupixel app with your art set:

  1. Download the cupixel app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and create an account
  2. Use the promo code on the inside cover of your box to sign up for a free 30-day trial.
  3. Pick an experience from our collection or convert your own photo to trace using cupixel’s photo conversion tool


  • All cupixel art sets come with a free 30-day trial* to the cupixel app
  • Cupixel’s cutting-edge technology includes “Smart Trace,” an AR-powered feature that casts image outlines from your phone onto your mixed media notebook paper
  • Follow along with our artists for specific inspiration for your mood mandalas or explore hundreds of different art classes, where you can learn new art techniques or elevate your current skills
  • Join live experiences and share with our supportive community your progress and creations

*Trial available to first-time buyers, only.

Our artists will guide you through each step

With the cupixel app, you can choose from a variety of classes, or creative experiences, as we call them, all from the comfort of your own home. Download the app now and get ready to create beautiful paintings that you’ll be proud to put on display!

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