Art at any age
with the perfect app to get you started!

Art, like life itself, is a journey of self-discovery and expression. Contrary to the notion that creativity belongs to the young, the truth is that the spark of artistic brilliance can ignite at any age. Whether you’re venturing into your golden years or taking your first steps in the world, the canvas is open to all.

Art for everyone

There’s a common misconception that art is reserved for those with inherent talent or formal training. However, the beauty of art lies in its accessibility to everyone. Regardless of age, background, or experience, the ability to create is within you. We have discovered the perfect app that can serve as the bridge that transforms aspiration into achievement, guiding you through the steps of artistic exploration: cupixel.

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Masterpiece in your pocket

Smartphones are extensions of our creative selves, an art app becomes an invaluable companion. Picture this: an app that not only provides tutorials tailored to your skill level but also offers a community where artists of all ages converge, share insights, and inspire one another: that is cupixel.

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Using Smart Trace

Anyone regardless of age or experience can create a work of art – Smart Trace is the fool-proof way to choose a design or a photo and make a beautiful creation.

Think about it – everything and usually everyone you love is captured in the photos in your phone. Now you can bring them to life for yourself or as an incredible personal gift by making them into a drawing or painting.

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Personalized guidance

cupixel provides artist led instruction that you can follow live or at your own

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Cupixel “Spaces” is the place where you can share your progress, get constructive feedback from the artist and the community
Accessible learning: From basic techniques to advanced tips, cupixel lets you grow, experiment and progress at your own pace.

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