Why Cupixel is every busy mom's go-to
Blend fun, education and even some “me time” seamlessly

As we juggle the chaos of daily life, it is essential to find moments of connection and relaxation with our kids. Seems like a tall order but that’s where cupixel comes in – a game changer for busy moms, who want to blend fun, education and even some “me time” seamlessly.

Here are 5 reasons why every mom needs cupixel in their daily toolbox:

Time together: connect by creating

We’ve all had those times when we ask our children, “ how was your day? Or what did you do today” and we get “fine” or “nothing”.

Sometimes our kids show more than they tell.

Cupixel provides the perfect opportunity to explore their thoughts and feelings while you both focus on drawing or painting. What the choose to draw, the colors they use, all can be bridges to questions about their day, their feelings, their dreams.

Cookie on white paper

Teach through play: colors, shapes, and artistic techniques

Younger children can use cupixel to draw and identify simple shapes, then color them in. Older children can do more complex designs and learn new techniques like color blending and sketching. The text editor feature can help younger ones practice their writing and older ones can personalize their work with their names or phrases.

Cookie on white paper

Me Time: calm your mind while your kid creates

We all need a few moments of peace each day. Its important to take time for ourselves.

While the kids are creating, you can find your own design within the cupixel gallery or you can take the art meditation class. It’s a project for them and a stress relieving activity for you too.

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Kids Learn Self Expression: making choices and communicating why

Using cupixel together empowers your kids to make choices and express themselves freely. As they decide on colors, shapes and styles, they’re not just creating art, they’re developing crucial decision-making skills. And the best part? They communicate the “why” behind their choices, giving you insights into what they are thinking and feeling.

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Digital Detox and Stress Management

In a world dominated by screens, cupixel offers a refreshing way to combine tech with real tools, surfaces and mediums. A break from social media, TV, gaming – a shared activity that helps your child destress and learn how to manage their own need for a break.

Cookie on white paper

Choosing a cupixel studio experience together, you are creating a space for connection, education and relaxation.

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